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“The process of change

requires unlearning.

It requires breaking the habit

of the old self and

reinventing a new self.”

~Dr. Joe Dispenza, DC, neuroscientist

Energy Therapy Services with Lisa

Available for Remote Sessions

Energy Therapist

With the wisdom of 25 years of working one-on-one with clients, Lisa has developed a unique blend of energy therapy that relaxes and encourages the body to release stress: combined with the coaching of energy psychology tools to enable individuals to be better prepared to manage the process of life. There is a focus on the brain and how to navigate through the "old brain" into the more productive pre-frontal cortex. A sense of empowerment emerges, and command of your feelings and relationships shifts. We make sense of the past and create new space for growth in the safety of a close and non-judgemental relationship.

Life Transitions Coach

Significant life transitions can unearth confronting and confusing emotions even when the event is welcomed. Lisa provides coaching support in navigating change when people are embarking upon life events such as graduation, new parents, marriages, job changes, retirement, and end-of-life—to name a few.

"I have worked with Lisa for the past eight years, and the value she has brought to my life is immeasurable. She has helped me advance my career, move across the country twice, raise children, strengthen my relationships, and handle medical challenges by keeping me grounded, challenging my thinking, and bringing what matters into focus. Out of all of the expenses in my budget that goes on the chopping block occasionally, Lisa is never one of those, as her guidance is simply too valuable to be without. She brings love and light to my life, and I feel seen and supported. She is truly one of a kind."  — J.T.

Reiki Teacher / Mentor

Lisa offers coaching and teaching to practitioners on integrating Reiki into their lives and businesses. Lisa has attuned hundreds of individuals and offers a mentoring/apprenticeship paradigm for attuning students to Reiki's first and second degrees. Additionally, she mentors individuals to be confident and developmentally sound individuals ready to become Reiki Masters.

“With Lisa’s guidance, I could recognize how I had been operating my life from a place of survival wiring. We worked with tools and techniques for intercepting the wiring to catch, pause, and RELEASE! I now thrive in a life of freedom and joy.”

 — K.S.


Contact Lisa W. Lee to learn more:

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