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Transformational Coaching

"I believe we don't need to be fixed.

We need tools, support, coaching, awareness, and understanding to liberate our unconscious."

— Lisa W. Lee

A new form of therapy is emerging where an individual can learn to intercept and change thoughts/feelings and navigate humanness to go beyond programming and the grooves of trauma and allow the potential of the true self to emerge.

Mission Statement

I am committed to supporting, teaching,

and inspiring individual​s

in their quest for health and wellness.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching supports the process of change: It dives head-first into the internal obstacles that interfere with your personal development.

Self-empowerment comes from having the tools and processes to navigate your own internal experience of anxiety, self-criticism, and feeling separate from yourself and others.

You are triggered continually; this is how your brain is wired. Learning to reprogram and re-imagine thoughts and emotions is a goal of coaching. The ability of your brain to transform and change is called neuroplasticity. As you learn techniques for self-transformation, your brain will work with you. You will become more proficient as you are coached and practice simple energy techniques.

The key to Transformational Coaching is YOU. The goal of coaching is for you to feel confident and develop expertise in negotiating your own life internally and externally.

Invest in yourself and own that the power to influence your life is programmed from within your own brain. Let's work together to unleash its potential. YOUR potential!

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